Meeting in courthouse

Drug courts offer addicts a path to get clean

By Beau Baker

A team of court officials, addiction counselors and medical experts are working to keep meth from destroying more families each day in Judge John Larson's drug court. But where one woman in court found a second chance, her daughter failed, and sunk even further into her addiction.

Fort Belknap Reservation

Peer treatment program offers new hope in Fort Belknap

By Nora Saks

Two women fed up with the widespread use of meth on the Fort Belknap reservation have launched a series of homegrown treatment programs. These programs rely on the idea of peer mentoring where recovered addicts help inspire and guide those seeking to kick the drug.

jail cell

Jail offers some addicts first crack at treatment

By Rick Rowan

Lake County’s sheriff wants a new jail, but he also wants a treatment program like the one underway in Bozeman. These treatment programs help fill the gap many poor or rural drug users face when seeking help with their meth addictions.

Bella Daly and her two sons

Bella Dally's Second Chance

By Augusta McDonnell

One mother’s battle with methamphetamine addiction brought her back from the brink of losing her son forever. Her story is a test of Family Drug Treatment Court in Montana that is trying to keep parents out of jail and kids out of foster care.

Meeting in courthouse

State moves to increase access to treatment

By Maria Anderson

As Attorney General Tim Fox kicked off a new effort to craft a substance abuse strategy for the state, the governor was signing a law to expand the number of state-approved treatment centers. Both moves, counselors hope, will improve access to meth addiction treatment in a state flooded with the drug.


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