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Meth addiction divides Montana families

By Taylor Crews

Meth use in Montana causes hundreds of children to be removed from their homes every year, placing them in a system that is crowded and in desperate need of a solution. It’s a number that is soaring with each passing year as the system struggles to help the kids of addicted parents.

Five pound of meth seized by the FBI (FBI photo)

ERs emerge as the frontline in the meth war

By Matt Blois

City and small-town hospitals report many of their patients are overdosing on meth. Hospitals are struggling to treat these patients, who are often violent and paranoid, both in terms of cost and in the lack of time or resources.

A meth contaminated home

Montana meth cleanup laws lag behind

By Kasey Bubnash

While professionals agree that Montana's meth decontamination laws are some of the most lenient in the nation, improvement is not in sight. Experts say these haphazard policies have affected families dealing with meth-contaminated homes.


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