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Meth production shifts to industrial labs

By Anna Reid

Despite the decline in home labs, Montanans have access to pure, andinexpensive, meth in massive quantities. According to government agents, Mexican producers have taken over the meth supply and left officials struggling to stop it.

Five pound of meth seized by the FBI (FBI photo)

Undercover agents paint a grim picture in war on meth

By Meghan Bourassa

Transporting meth into Montana can make a dealer enormous profits and for the undercover drug enforcement officers trying to stop the flow, that reality makes their work a never-ending battle.

Overview of Tijuana.

Map: Along the meth pipeline

The Drug Enforcement Agency uses sophisticated chemical testing to trace the source of meth in Montana and has found much of it comes from production labs in Mexico, roughly 2,064 miles away from Montana. Here is the journey that methamphetamine takes to get here.

Vintage ad for benzadrine inhaler

Timeline: From tea to crystal

The Meth Effect Team

For centuries the core ingredients now found in chemically pure forms in meth were found in plants used to treat illnesses and increase alertness. Trace the evolution of this drug from ephedra to methamphetamine.


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