Meth Smoke

Stories of 'chasing the dragon'

By Bowen West

A daughter, a father, a partier and a man on a suicide mission. Four Montanans who came out on the other side of meth use.

Online support

Few options exist for parents battling a child's meth addiction

By Callahan Peel

As difficult as fighting a child's meth addiction is, once a kid turns 18 parents lose what few tools they have. In Montana, where only one in-person group meets to discuss these issues, parents are forced to seek solace in online communities. Many are left grasping at straws and running themselves ragged searching for a solution.

Meth in a plastic bag

Bitterroot family faces choices with daughter's addiction

By Aunica McCullough

From terrifying late-night calls to frustrated attempts at enrolling their child in rehab, parents of one meth user offer a glimpse into the lives of those who struggle to save their children from methamphetamine.

Meth pipe and box

Meth a special challenge among gay men

By Matt Blois

Gay men are four times more likely to try meth than straight men. It’s a reality born from a drug that heightens the libido, but also helps many gay men care less about how society treats and judges them.


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